Welcome to AA District 62, BC/Yukon Area 79 Serving Barriere, Chase, Chu Chua, Clearwater, Kamloops, Logan Lake, Merritt, Rayleigh & Savona


ONLINE Meetings

If you find you need a meeting, try one of the many online meetings available using the ZOOM app. If you want to attend a remote meeting, it is pretty simple with the Zoom app. Simply download the app, and there is a tab that says Sign Up, asking for your name (if you want to keep your anonymity, then just use your initial for your last name) and email address. They will send you an email to verify your account in 5-30 minutes. There is no cost for the Zoom app, and no cost to join a meeting. Once your account is verified by email, you will find a very simple home screen on Zoom. Tap “Join” and it will ask for a 9 or 10 number meeting id, and that’s it.
The password for the zoom meetings below is 626262.

A reminder that our members can contribute directly to GSO, Area 79 or District 62, if they have the means to do so, to help carry the message. Even small contributions like $10 will help. Click on one of the links on the right.
M - F 10:00 am - One Breath at a Time (Ladies only) - # 407 903 379
Daily 12:00 pm - Miracle Group - # 402 596 439
Thursday 8:00 pm - Mustard Seed Group - # 911 991 247

There are several Canadian numbers that people can call when they only have telephone access. Long distance charges may apply.
1-587-328-1099, 1-647-374-4685, 1-647-558-0588,
1-778-907-2071, 1-438-809-7799

For other meetings listed in BC Yukon area 79 click here.

24-Hour Hotline 1-800-727-7710

Last updated December 19, 2020