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Alcoholism is an illness that affects men and women of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. To us, it doesn’t matter how much, where, or what you drink. What matters is how alcohol affects you.

If your life seems to be going nowhere, or it feels out of control and you think drinking might have something to do with it, it usually does. You know this from your gut—whether you feel guilty, lonely. ashamed, or whether alcohol is interfering in your life. Do you think you have a drinking problem? We believe you are the best person to answer that. We’ve prepared a pamphlet with 12 questions to help you decide. The answers are nobody’s but your own.

Our first step was to admit we had a drinking problem; alcohol had made our lives unmanageable. Often as a last resort, we came to AA. Here we found a common solution. Ultimately, we came to believe we couldn't solve our problem alone. We needed help and a community of support. If you have come to the same conclusion, congratulations! You have just taken your first steps on the road to recovery.

If drinking is causing you trouble, and you want to stop but can’t seem to do it on your own, give Alcoholics Anonymous a try—try going to meetings for 90 days, and if your life doesn’t get better, at least you’ll better understand your options.

Here are a few more suggestions on what to do next :

Learn about the AA Program of Recovery

First you may wish to read more about AA. Below are some links to pamphlets produced by our General Service Office. Hard copies are also available for free at meetings.